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compliance relationship management (CRM)


what is compliance relationship management?

Just like in sales, compliance is all about relationships. Even the data management part of it - you need to know where your data is coming from, who owns it (and whether they are responsible for it), and how to get it when you most need it. This is where Stacks Data - particularly our software - excels the most. This is why you need a CRM for your business compliance data activities.

To be clear, we’re not talking about the traditional Sales CRM here (though there are many similarities). We are referring to software that specifically addresses compliance data needs. Here are the top reasons your company might need a CRM solution like Stacks…


It’s About People

We’ve always said that compliance data management is about people. This is still the case, even in the era of bots and AI. Individual people within organizations are the gatekeepers of data. If you don’t know who these people are, or how to find them, you’re going to struggle to get the information you need.

Stacks Data helps you to find these often-buried treasures, get the information you need from them, and organize it so you can reap the business benefits you may be missing out on.

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It’s About Ease of Use

Anyone can gather data - all it takes is a quick email, or web search, or even a phone call. But it’s not very often that the tools we use to gather information also give us the ability to actually use it. Stacks changes the game. Not only do we make it simple to collect data, but we also make it transparent — you know where it comes from, when it came, and where it is being used at all times. And it’s always yours, period.

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It’s About Keeping it Current

Okay, you’ve made your connections and you’ve got your data. But what happens three months from now, when another customer wants the same information, or some regulatory reporting need is fast approaching? Stacks makes it almost effortless to keep your compliance data up to date, so you don’t have to worry - you can just keep on using it.

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It’s about so much more. Get in touch to learn how Stacks Data can save you money, time, and heartache.