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easily respond to customer data requests. or send out your own…

You’ve made the connections, you’ve pinpointed the needs - now you just need a platform to make it all happen. Stacks CRM, Stacks Data’s Compliance Relationship Management platform.

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For more than 8 years, our customers have been using our software to collect data from suppliers. Now, we’re excited to introduce our new “inbound” functionality, which enables users to quickly and painlessly respond to customer data requests.

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the magic of Stacks

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Product Sheets — Save Time and Money

Within Stacks CRM, every product you buy or sell has its own Product Sheet. The Product Sheet takes any kind of data — documents, xml, csv, pdf, etc. — and then consolidates and indexes it for easy recall. These Product Sheets are meant to be the documents of record as long as the product exists. This means you can add to them and change them as much as necessary.

Responses to Customer Requests — Make More Money

We all want to avoid repetitive, redundant work, but often that’s exactly what compliance data collection and management is like. This is especially the case with customer requests for data — for many companies, this is often an epic saga of finding the right person internally with knowledge of the product; collecting and organizing the information needed to fulfill the request; verifying this information; and finally sending it.

The real problem is that this information is often needed as part of the procurement process, so slow answers translate to lost business opportunities. Stacks CRM solves all of these problems, which means that it helps you keep your existing customers happy, and win over future customers, with your responsiveness.

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Collecting Supplier Data

At its heart, Stacks CRM will always be a supplier collection portal first, so don’t worry — they still excel in that arena. In fact, they’re better than ever — the new functionality we’ve built enhances the collection experience as well. You’re now able to query your suppliers on numerous products at the same time, make edits to many different Product Sheets at once, and much more. Give us a call to learn about it - and so we can learn about your unique needs and solutions as well.