There are 2 varieties of supply chain compliance data:

Inbound. The industry’s fancy way of saying “requests from outside entities”. Do you have customers that email Excel questionnaires (or some other kind of survey or query) for you to fill out? That’s inbound.

Outbound. More jargon, this time for queries you make to outside entities. Do you send spreadsheets or other types of questionnaires to suppliers to understand more about the products you buy from them? That’s outbound.

Stacks Data has the expert help and the software you need to stay ahead of both data types.


Usually, inbound means you’re answering to someone (often a customer).

Do you have customers that send you questionnaires, perhaps for compliance with a particular kind of regulation? We’ve found that most companies do, and they have to spend a lot of time and energy filling them out over and over again.

Stacks Data exists for companies like yours. Not only do we help you manage your inbound and outbound data, but we provide the software for you to do it in one place.



Do you have to fill out redundant questionnaires throughout the year?

Chances are you have multiple customers/stakeholders in the same industry, and these companies are also sending and receiving data requests. Everyone is dealing with these demands differently, which complicates matters. It feels like you’re on a data assembly line…

Stacks is designed to take data in a variety of different formats (PDF, Excel, Word, Salesforce, etc.), organize it, and make it usable for other, similar needs. Gone are the days of answering the same questions over and over again…