Cloud-based workflows for business data collection and reporting

Case study:


Halliburton & Stacks Software

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Halliburton saves time and money working with Stacks for compliance data collection

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Sheets by PeerAspect allows Halliburton to conduct data collection, validation, and communication with suppliers in one place. This allows them to focus on compliance activities, rather than hunting for the information.


Executive Summary

Halliburton switched to Stacks and dramatically cut down the unsustainble numbers of emails they had to send to suppliers; the amount of time chasing suppliers for answers; and increased the quality and accessibility of the collected information.


Halliburton wanted to save time and money collecting business-crucial data from their suppliers. They also wanted to do related activities (communications, follow-up, verification, and document storage) all in one place.


Halliburton began using Stacks software in 2012. It immediately helped with supplier outreach by allowing them to easily create, send and manage collaborative electronic questionnaires. And they were able to do so with large numbers of suppliers at once, rather than building and emailing cumbersome Excel questionnaires. It also gives them one-click communications tools such as automated bulk emails and reminders, so that initial contact with respondents as well as all follow up messages are all handled through the system. The platform also provides at-a-glance project monitoring, allowing Halliburton personnel to easily see (and act upon) the status of individual respondents.


By concentrating data collection, communications, analysis and follow-up in one centralized place, Halliburton dramatically increased their supplier response rate virtually overnight. They have sent thousands of emails through Stacks Data’s platforms, saving countless hours, and allowing them to focus on value-added work. By using the unique update features in Stacks, they have saved additional hours of survey creation, management time, and suppliers will save many more hours by not having to fill out redundant questionnaires.

Halliburton’s Global Health, Safety & Environment experience using Stacks Data’s tools for supplier outreach has been so positive, they expanded the use of Sheets to several crucial in-house applications. As word has trickled out within Halliburton, other departments are beginning to line up to use Stacks. One key to this success is the fact that Halliburton’s users love Sheets. As Dawn Robertson, the Global HSE Chemical Compliance Manager said, they’re “like Legos – easy & fun to build and use.”