Cloud-based workflows for business data collection and reporting


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90 seconds with stacks software...

Stacks is our super-powerful, super-friendly data collection software. If you're using Excel and email to collect and manage data that exists in all different places, with all different people, in all different kinds of media, you've come to the right place. 

Scroll down for a story about how much you can get done just by spending 90 seconds using Stacks. Then give us a call to try it out!  Thanks for dropping by... 


Introducing Stacks Software

Stacks saves you time. Lots of time. If you were to use Stacks for a data collection project, 90 seconds first thing in the morning would allow you to:

- Get a complete overview of the status of your project
- See which recipients have not started responding
- Remind each and every one of them
- Give your colleagues access to the data
- Drill into the data to pull out specific information
- Send personalized messages to select respondents

chart not started.png

How do I keep track of who has responded?

It's incredibly easy to sort through your Stacks and quickly see valuable information about them. For example, the chart shown here shows overall progress on the project, but the user has clicked the "not started" bar. The Sheets that haven't been started are now selected, so you can now do things with those Sheets specifically.

Time used: 10 seconds
Time remaining: 80 seconds

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How do I contact respondents with specific issues?

It's great to be able to sort through Stacks, but it's even better to be able to do something with the results. Well, once you've got the selection of Sheets you're looking for, you can do things like remind those recipients to get a move on!

Time used: 7 seconds
Time remaining: 73 seconds

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How can I work collaboratively with my colleagues?

You can easily share individual Sheets or bulk Stacks with colleagues both inside and outside your organization. You can also quickly assign permissions to users that you invite. This way, you can involve as many people as you need without worrying about the overall data being compromised.

Time Used: 21 seconds
Time remaining: 52 seconds

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How can I quickly get insights from the data I've collected?

You're collecting data from lots of people, but what if you're looking to see how a specific question is being answered by all of them? No problem - 2 clicks and about 3 seconds of typing get you the first pass of answers -- in this case, it's showing us the one Sheet recipient that answered "yes" to the use of synthetic pesticides. Bad supplier! Good Stacks!

Time used: 7 seconds
Time remaining: 45 seconds


How do I communicate with respondents & colleagues?

Do we still need to remind you that every bit of information in Stacks is actionable? Well, it is. In this case, the sender would like to offer the respondent help phasing out the use of artificial pesticides. E-mail, right? WRONG! You can do it right in Stacks, right in the question! Talk about efficient use of technology...

Time used: 36 seconds
Time remaining: 9 seconds