Cloud-based workflows for business data collection and reporting



In an increasingly complex business environment, you don’t need to struggle to find and utilize supply chain and compliance data. Stacks Data is here to help.

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Stacks Data - Software and Services to help you connect with, exchange, and report compliance & supply chain data.

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Finding the right data means knowing the right people. Our web-based workflows help you identify the best contacts and connect with them. No more poring through old emails and files.

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Once you've established contact, you need to be able to pass information back and forth - securely, and without hassle. We've got you covered there, too!

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You don't collect data to just let it sit there, do you? Whether you need to provide compliance information to regulators or certification statements to customers, Stacks makes it easy.


Do you have a system to manage communication with your suppliers?


Product stewardship, portfolio reporting, sustainability programs — all of these have one major theme in common: the need to collect and report data. Unfortunately, the world has gotten to a place where it is no longer enough to just send Excel questionnaires back and forth. A better system is needed…


Stacks Data has the people, processes, and technologies to help you comprehensively manage your supply chain communications.

Some of our customers start out collecting information from a few dozen suppliers, some do it with hundreds or even thousands. No matter how big or small your project is, we are here to help you with every facet of it. From designing questionnaires to seeing that they find their way to the right person; from outreach to organization of responses; from gentle reminders to full-blown audits and verification; you will feel supported throughout the process. And you will get the results you need…


Communicate inside and outside your organization, all in one place.


Do you have a roster of organizations you need to regularly track and exchange data with? Are they all using different systems?  Are you currently juggling different contacts in different places, perhaps trying to keep track of them using your email inbox? Stacks helps you do it all in one place. Your customers and suppliers will thank you for it.


Stacks Software will organize your data life.

It's not just about entering a name into a system and hoping the right person gets the message and fills out your survey - whichever format it happens to be in. Everything about the process of exchanging information -- from having the right contacts, to sending the right messages, to ensuring the information arrives on time and accurately -- all of this must be cultivated. Stacks Data has the people, the software, and the workflows you need to collect and report data. Quickly, accurately, securely.


Stacks makes it easy to organize and report.


Do you have to report to government agencies? Do you have to send reliable information back to your customers? Do you need to share results with people in your own organization? Stacks makes it all happen with just a few clicks…


Stacks Data makes it easy to use your data no matter what you need it for.

Anyone can collect information. But when it comes to parsing it out, distributing it to the end users who need it most, and presenting it in a digestible, useful, and truly informative way... well that is something else. Stacks Data will work with you to make sure that you will not only source, find, and gather the data you need, but that it is organized in a way that it is most useful for your specific requirements. Whether you need certification letters, compliance statements, or straight up reports, you'll have them in a few clicks of your mouse. And if you want analytics, just wait until you see our new charting and reporting engine.