how stacks software works

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Product Sheets - the Backbone of the Software

Every product you buy or sell has its own Product Sheet. A Product Sheet (or “Sheet” for short") is a living record of the “data life” of your products. Compliance, supply chain, EH&S, sustainability — anything is traceable, easy to find, and easy to use.


In addition to being the name of our software, Stacks also represents one of the program’s greatest strengths — the many ways you can manipulate data to have it tell you amazing stories about your business. By combining user behavior data (date accessed, number of days to respond, etc.) with collected product data, you have a significant strategic advantage vs. other companies using inferior technologies.

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The Data is Always Yours, and Comes in Any Format

Each Sheet takes any kind of data - documents, csv, xls, pdfs - assimilates it, and then organizes it for secure storage and fast retrieval when needed. And you have 100% access to it, all the time.