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STACKS Data Collection Software

STACKS software is made up of Sheets, which are a consolidated record of all data about a product or service you need to track and record. They allow users to do all that they need to do, with little intuitive learning required to use the platform. The system is fully integrated for capturing, storing, updating, sending, verifying and reporting on the overall management of important data. A separate Sheet is used for each product. We help customize the platform questions to ensure you get the right answers in the format you are looking for. 

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Data Capture

Manufacturers send out their customized Sheets to suppliers requesting information. Suppliers fill in the answers and return the information to manufacturers. If any Sheets are returned incomplete, the system will automatically generate a follow up requesting missing information. When all questions have been fully answered, the record will show it is 100% complete. Stacks consolidates the record in the customized format you need. 


cloud storage

Data storage

Stacks are securely stored in a central data storage location in the Cloud. One centralized location makes it easily accessible to authorized administrators to access current up to date information from anywhere around the globe. This centralized record makes it much easier to attend to data updates.    

data sharing

Data sharing

Centralized data storage also allows authorized users to view, update and share the most current information with any interested user at any time. Administrators can easiy generate reports using the most accurate data record available.

data reports

Data reports

Authorized users can be assigned login access to enable them to globally share, view and update current information stored in the Cloud at any time. Reports can be auto generated from the centralized, up to date record using bar charts, pie charts, graphs and other useful reporting instruments. These reports can be circulated to other interested parties with additional comments / perspectives / requests for action.

data updates

Data updates

Data is securely stored in one centralized location in the Cloud. Therefore authorized users can easily update the latest changes from the most current data file and share information with all other interested parties. It is no longer necessary to restart the data capture process bottom up in order to perform product updates. 


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